“Whenever I see a blank wall…I see an opportunity to communicate.”  JT Daniels started pursuing art as a teenager, becoming the designated artist for school […]


Urban, inclusive, provocative, disruptive and communal, ARTBYJCON is taking an innovative approach to define what it means to be a working artist in the 21st […]


Born John Matos in 1961, CRASH was raised in the Bronx, New York.  At the age of 13, he began following the older teens from […]

Alice Mizrachi

Alice Mizrachi is a New York based interdisciplinary artist and educator working in the mediums of painting, murals and installation. Her work explores the interconnectedness […]

Paul Deo

Paul Deo began painting at age 5 under the tutelage of his aunt Auressa Moore.  She shared her artistic techniques and spiritual world knowledge with […]

Derrick Adam

Derrick Adams is a multidisciplinary New York-based artist working in performance, video, sound and 2D and 3D realms.  His practice focuses on the fragmentation and […]

Lee Quinones

Lee Quinones is considered the single most influential artist to emerge from the New York City subway art movement. He is a celebrated figure in […]

Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley creates narrative driven work revolving around his conceptualized iconic characters. Brantley utilizes these iconic characters to address complex ideas around nostalgia, the mental […]

Tahir Hemphill

Tahir Hemphill is an award-winning advertising creative and multimedia artist working in the areas of interdisciplinary thought, collaboration and research. Hemphill has planned strategy for businesses […]