a ​CALL TO ACTION​ to end Mass Incarceration

On April 16-17, 2021 join artists, activists, attorneys, advocates and scholars for a ​Virtual Conference​ featuring innovative collaborations at the intersection of ​ART ​and the​ LAW​! Build community, re-energize and play, while developing visionary strategies to end mass incarceration — with participants from college campuses, communities and carceral spaces.

Proposal Due: December 21, 2021

A Collaboration between the UCLA Prison Education Program,
UCLA School of Law’s Criminal Justice Program and the Prison Law & Policy Program

I. CONTENT – proposals should focus on one or more of the following:page2image66191936

A. Defund Movements ​- National/international and/or UC/campus specific work B. Abolition ​- What does it mean? What can it look like? How do we get there? C. Restorative and Transformative Justice​ – in theory and practice

II. FORM – proposals should utilizing one of the following approaches:

A. Virtual Performance B. Interactive Workshops C. Film/Video Screenings

III. REQUIREMENTS – proposals should include the following:

A. Virtual Performance – ​a WORD document of no longer than two pages that includes:

  1. Contact – name, email, phone, affiliation
  2. Bio – a short one for each artist & any link to available online work (50-100 words)
  3. Time – duration of presentation (no more than 10 minutes)
  4. Form – how the presentation will be organized or structured
  5. Summary – how the work relates to criminal justice (100-200 words)
  6. Experience – any you have with virtual performances (less than 100 words)

B. Interactive Workshops – ​a WORD document of no longer than two pages that includes:

  1. Contact – name, email, phone, affiliation
  2. Title – short and descriptive (10 words maximum)
  3. Bio – a short one for each facilitator (50-100 words)
  4. Time – duration of presentation (between 60-90 minutes)
  5. Materials – whatever a participant might need to participate
  6. Abstract – a description (300-500 words) including:
    1. Theme & how will you link it to art & the law?
    2. What will be created & what plans do you have for the art made in this workshop?
    3. How you intend to utilize the virtual setting
    4. Relevant experience
    5. How will you ​engage varying levels of artistic, teaching, or research experience?
    6. How might an artist and legal advocate/scholar educate each other in yourworkshop?
    Note:​ We encourage team applications (legal advocate/scholar + artist). If you do not have a collaborator, submit your application and we will help organize related groups.

C. Film/Video Screenings – ​a WORD document no longer than one page, including:

  1. Contact – name, email, phone, affiliation
  2. Bio – a short one for each facilitator + any links to your work online (50-100 words)
  3. Synopsis – 100-200 words, ​including how it relates to the themes above, and duration (nomore than 40 minutes)

Send proposals and questions to: ​​ ​by December 21, 2021. Details on the 2019 CALL Festival are on our website at: ​