Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!: Hip Hop in the Classroom is a part of the 2018 Hip Hop Education Initiative at Harvard Graduate School of Education

The Hip Hop Education initiative (HHEI) was created in 2017 by students from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to highlight the ways in which Hip Hop (art, pedagogy, culture) can be mined and used by educators to creatively engage youth — offering a platform for their voices and ways of making meaning. The HHEI Conference acts as a platform for Harvard and the surrounding community to gain and deepen an understanding of Hip Hop as a relevant art form and delivery vehicle for social commentary, self-expression and knowledge production, connecting academic and non-academic disciplines.

This year’s conference, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!: Hip Hop in the Classroom, aims to bring Hip Hop educators and artists together in a day of collaboration and learning. The one-day event will also be an ode to Hip Hop, new and old, as we celebrate the the art form. At the conference you will hear from current Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellows, the local and extended network of Hip Hop arts and education experts, and the voice and experience of the youth through a featured panel, performances, and breakout interactive cyphers. Participants will get to explore music, dancing, graffiti, cyphers, and knowledge-building. Based on the four principles of Hip Hop — peace, love, unity, and having fun — there will be rich, artful opportunities to envision future possibilities in Hip Hop education.

This event is free and open to the public — students, educators, artists, and those both curious about and experienced with Hip Hop are encouraged to attend.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! will take place at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on Saturday, April 28, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Registration will open at 9:30 am.

Tickets for this event are free thanks to the generous support of the HGSE Office of Student Affairs, the Arts in Education Program and the Hip Hop Archive.

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