In Partnership with the Universal Hip Hop Museum and Hart House, University of Toronto.

A curated conversation by three phenomenal women making space, enriching the narrative and uncovering the feminist history and continuing contributions of women in the cultural production of all facets of Hip-Hop aesthetic. Hart House is pleased to be joining forces with the Fresh, Bold and So Def program at the Universal Hip-Hop Museum on this initiative and applauds the tireless work of the museum’s visionaries and volunteers to bring the story of Hip-Hop to light and to give it its rightful due in a museum setting. 

Fresh, Bold and So Def (FBSD) is led by Kashema Hutchins, a Ph. D candidate and Universal Hip-Hop Museum staffer. It began as a Hip-Hop intervention project for women of all ages to empower, cultivate and inspire. FBSD builds upon the foundation laid by the Womanhood Learning Project launched in 2007 at New York University by the Hip-Hop Association and a collective of women who joined forces to tell the story of Hip-Hop as they know it. The goal of the initiative is to document women’s contributions and achievements and build a canon using memorabilia and artifacts. 

Excavating the feminine influence and honouring Joan Morgan’s concept of “Hip-Hop feminism” this event will showcase 3 incredible voices, trailblazers and knowledge beacons in their own right who refuse to be tempered, marginalized or erased. Their shared experiences and knowledge of hip hop will have you questioning what you thought you knew about Hip-Hop.

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