September 2020

  • HHEC names Kashema Hutchinson, Assitant Director, and Program Manger of the Fresh, Bold & So Def Inititiative.

December 2019

  • HHEC partners with the Universal Hip Hop Museum to develop the Education Department of the museum. HHEC Founder Martha Diaz becomes the Chair of the Education Committee and Associate Archivist and Curator

November 2017

  • HHEC partners with Stanford University’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts to present Think Tank IV: It’s Yours! Sustaining and Reimagining Our Movement

June 2017

  • HHEC partners up with The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Martha Diaz curates “Made You Look: Four Decades of Hip-Hop’s Impact in Cinema,” the first hip-hop movie series for The Academy. Allegra Gilfenbaum volunteers as Operations Manager.

March 2016

  •  Regan Sommer McCoy, founder of the Mixtape Museum and Hip-Hop Hacks volunteers as Assistant Director

November 2015

  • HHEC presents the “Extra Credit Awards” to acknowledge individuals and organizations with the exceptional ability to use STEAM, social entrepreneurship, and hip-hop to advance the field of education and health. The award was designed by Carlos Mare; esteemed graffiti artist and sculpture, who along with designing the BET Awards is internationally renowned for his work’s unique and distinctly hip-hop perspective

May 2015

  • HHEC publishes “It Takes a Hip-Hop Nation: A Three Year Study on Professional Development in the Hip-Hop Education Field” Edited by Martha Diaz, Raymond Codrington, PhD and Yolanda Sealy-Ruiz, PhD (Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College – Columbia University)

September 2014

  • HHEC develop a multi-year partnership with the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. Martha Diaz curates the “Made You Look: Documenting the Art, History, Power, and Politics of Hip-Hop Culture” Series

November 2013

  • The H2O media collection is donated to the Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division in the Schomburg Center to make the media accessible to the community

October 2012

  • HHEC in partnership with Schomburg Center, Cornell University’s Hip-Hop Collections, and the National Museum of American History Archives presents “Documenting History In Your Own Backyard: A Symposium for Archiving and Preserving Hip-Hop Culture”

June 2012

  • Martha Diaz becomes the first hip-hop curator/scholar-in-residence at the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture – NY Public Library to develop “Hip-Hop 4.0,” a hip-hop program initiative focusing on Education, Creativity, Community, and Legacy

November 2013

  • HHEC teams up with Schomburg to present Think Tank Session IIILegacy Building: Cultivating a Global Cypher from the Streets to the Classroom” at the Schomburg Center

July 2013

  • HHEC releases “Making Connections with Hip-Hop Education and Pedagogy: Baltimore, Providence, and San Antonio Case Studies” Written by Raymond Codrington and Martha Diaz. This report was supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

November 2012

  • HHEC teams up with the Institute for Urban and Minority Education to present Think Tank Session II “Laying the Foundation: Defining the Field, Establishing Goals, and Creating Standards” at Teachers College, Columbia University

November 2011

  • HHEC teams up with the Metropolitan Center to present Think Tank Session I “Rolling Deep, Moving Forward: Professionalizing Hip-Hop Education” at New York University
  • HHEC launches Hip-Hop Scholars and Fellows program

October 2011

  • HHEC publishes first field report “Re-Imagining Teaching and Learning: A Snapshot of Hip-Hop Education” Prepared by Pedro Noguera, PhD, Edward Fergus, PhD, and Martha Diaz (Metro Center – Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development – New York University)

June 2010

  • Diaz launches the Hip-Hop Education Center (HHEC) with the support of Dr. Pedro Noguera and the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (formerly known as Metropolitan Center for Urban Education) and a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • HHEC inherits the H2O and H2Ed archive from the Hip-Hop Association

December 2008

  • Founder Martha Diaz puts the festival and summit on hiatus and produces targeted events in partnerships with other festivals, universities, colleges, museums, and institutions of education,arts and culture and civic engagement

November 2008

  • H2A partners with BFM International Black Film Festival, the largest Black film festival in the UK, to provide hip-hop film programming from throughout the African Diaspora (London, England)

October 2008

  • H2A assists in programming and facilitated workshops for the “Our Time 2008 Remix the Vote event Our Time: Remix the Vote” (Anchorage, Alaska)

August 2008

  • H2A provides film programming and participates in a panel in the National Hip Hop Political Convention (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • H2A participated in the “We B*Girlz Summit,” the largest event in Europe celebrating Women in Hip-Hop (Berlin, Germany)

June 2008

  • H2A partners with Baobab connections in the UN Habitat “Your City Crime Prevention Summit” to address issues of violence and youth empowerment (Durban, South Africa)

May 2008

  • H2A and the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Education Center team up for “The Kings and Queens Classic: A Celebration of Chess, Art and Photography” during Hip-Hop Appreciation Week.

April 2008

  • Hip-Hop Educates and Advances Lives (HHEAL) Festival – South Bronx, IS 217 The festival focused on connecting social justice movements to Hip-Hop culture, exploring the role of women and immigrants, and teaching how everyone can be an agent for change.
  • H2A serves as a sponsor and consultant for the Podcamp NYC 2.0 conference, which focused on educating participants on how to use, implement and share any/all new media tools. (Brooklyn, NY)
  • H2A provides film programming for the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival (Hartford, Connecticut)

February 2008

  • H2A partners with the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, the largest Black film festival in the US, to provide hip-hop film programming from throughout the African Diaspora (Los Angeles, CA)

November 2007

  • H2A is co-presenter of the 11th annual Arab Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
  • H2A programs a global hip-hop film showcase for the Cinefest Multicultural Film and Performance Festival at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)
  • H2A is a s supporting sponsor of the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival (New York, NY)
  • H2A is a supporting Sponsor of panel “Global Impact of Hip-Hop Culture,” at St. John’s University (New York, NY)

October 2007

  • H2A is co-presenter at the United Nations Association Week panel “Bridging the Gap: Hip-Hop and the U.N” (Washington, DC)
  • H2A facilitates screening of The Hip-Hop Project at the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation (East London, England)
  • H2A becomes a member of the Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning (PENCIL) program and adopts the Rafael Hernandez School of the Performing Arts in the S. Bronx (New York, NY)

September 2007

  • H2A programs a global hip-hop film showcase for the 9th annual BFM International Film Festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, England)
  • H2A facilitates a special screening of “The Hip-Hop Project” at the US Embassy in London (London, England)
  • H2Ed is a supporting sponsor of the International Association of Hip-Hop Educators Conference (Washington, DC)

June 2007

  • 5th Annual H2O Festival screens over 75 films from over 10 countries (New York, NY)
  • H2A receives the prestigious Union Square Art Award for its consistent contribution to the community and social activism (New York, NY)
  • H2Ed partners with Urban Word NYC and University of Wisconsin to present the 2nd Edition of the Spoken Word and Hip-Hop Summer Teacher Institute (Madison, WI)

May 2007

  • Martha Diaz participates on a distribution panel at the inaugural Black Lily Film and Music Women’s Festival (Philadelphia, PA)
  • H2O partners with Third World Newsreel to launch, H2ONewsreel, a media distribution arm catered to the education market

April 2007

  • H2A is co-presenter with the University of Alaska of the first ever Hip-Hop Leadership and Career Development Summit (Anchorage, AK)

March 2007

  • H2A facilitates screening of “Beyond Beats and Rhymes” at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival at Trinity College (Hartford, CT)

February 2007

  • H2A programs a global hip-hop film showcase for the Grassroots Media Coalition Conference at New School University (New York, NY)
  • Martha Diaz and Marcella Runell Hall create and publish the first of its kind reference book titled, The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook, Vol. 1
  • H2A partners with Urban Word NYC and the New School’s Institute of Urban Education to produce the It’s All About M.E.E. (Media, Expression, and Education) Festival, a 3-day multi-media celebration that combines the Freshest Youth Program, the Urban Word NYC Grand Slam Final, and the Hip-Hop Education Summit (New York, NY)

December 2006

  • Facilitates screening of “Beef III” at the Balafon Film Festival (Bari, Italy)

November 2006

  • Programs global Hip-Hop film showcase for Cinefest Multicultural Film Festival (Madison, WI)
  • H2A facilitates screening of “Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia” at the Whitechapel Gallery (East London, England) •
  • Martha Diaz becomes a resident curator at New Jersey Performing Arts Center, screens South African film “Mr. Devious” and produces a global Hip-Hop panel for Planet Hip-Hop 3 (Newark, NJ)
  • H2A co-presents “Inventos: Hip-Hop Cubano” and “Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia” at the BFM Film Club at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, England)

October 2006

  • H2A is co-presenter of “United Nations and Hip-Hop Working Together” panel at the United Nations Association Week (Washington, DC)
  • H2A is supporting Sponsor for the African American Women in Cinema Festival. Presents a panel entitled “Building Bridges: Using Hip-Hop culture to analyze Race Relations.” (New York, NY)
  • H2A facilitates screening of “Brown Like Dat” at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA)
  • H2A is co-presents “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”, “Estilo Hip-Hop” and “Bling: Consequences and Repercussions” at the Tricycle Cinema for Black History Month (London, England)

September 2006

  • H2A programs global hip-hop film showcase from the African Diaspora for the 8th annual BFM International Film Festival (London, England)

July 2006

  • H2A programs a hip-hop film showcase addressing political and socio-economic issues for the National Hip-Hop Political Convention (Chicago, IL)

June 2006

  • H2A is co-presenter of film series on women in hip-hop for the B-Girl Be Summit (Minneapolis, MN)
  • H2Ed partners with the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame’s Summer Teacher Institute to program the first ever hip-hop education professional development course (Cleveland, OH)

May 2006

  • H2A is supporting sponsor of the “Principal for a Day” program at the Sankofa Academy during Hip-Hop Appreciation Week (New York, NY)

April 2006

  • H2A programs Hip-Hop films for the Longbaugh International Film Festival (Portland, OR)
  • H2A programs a global Hip-Hop film series and produces a panel examining the global hip-hop film movement for Film Fest DC (Washington, DC)
  • H2A co-presents hip-hop films at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival (Hartford, CN)
  • H2A programs global hip-hop films for the Starz Denver Pan African Film Festival (Denver, CO)
  • H2A programs hip-hop films for the Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival (Atlanta, GA)

February 2006

  • H2A programs a global hip-hop film showcase and panel for the festival examining the transition from music video directing into feature film directing for the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, the largest Pan-African film festival in the US. (Los Angeles, CA)
  • H2A programs global hip-hop film showcase and social justice workshop for the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition Conference (New York, NY)

December 2005

  • H2A programs global hip-hop films for the “Baobab Urban Youth Conference” (Capetown, South Africa)

November 2005

  • Fourth Annual H2O Festival (New York, NY)
  • Third Annual H2Ed Summit (New York, NY)
  • H2A programs global hip-hop film showcase to help launch the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Film Festival (Pittsburgh, PA)

October 2005

  • H2A programs global Hip-Hop films for the Hipnotik festival, founder Martha Diaz also participates on an international panel (Barcelona, Spain)

September 2005

  • H2A becomes a member of the Media Coalition for Artists of Color
  • Programs global Hip-Hop films for Cinema Urban program (Marseilles, France)

August 2005

  • H2O Co-Sponsored the Inventos Sankofa Tour, sending filmmaker Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi to Colombia and Cuba with resources to build the global Hip-Hop community
  • H2A partners with Hip-Hop Congress to advance the initiatives of the H2Ed program

April 2005

  • H2Ed facilitates two workshops during the Sixth National Conference on Family and Community Violence Prevention (Honolulu, Hawaii)

February 2005

  • H2O global Hip-Hop films for the Pan African Film and Arts Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Presenting sponsor for “Latino filmmakers in Hip-Hop” panel discussion during the National Association of Latino Independent Producers Conference (Los Angeles, CA)
  • H2A officially becomes a 501(c)(3) tax-exemption organization

November 2004

  • Third Annual H2O Festival (New York, NY)
  • Second Annual H2Ed Summit (New York, NY)
  • Co-Presenter of short documentary Estilo Hip-Hop during the World Youth Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

August 2004

  • H2Ed participates in a panel discussion on the “Language of Hip-Hop” sponsored by UNESCO and the International Music Council at the World Youth Summit (Barcelona, Spain)

June 2004

  • H2A programs a 5-hour film series featuring political and socio-economic topics during the Hip-Hop Political Convention (Newark, NJ)
  • H2Ed programs an education training workshop entitled “Using Hip-Hop as an Educational Tool And Its Politics: Engaging Students with their Culture” at the 1st annual Hip-Hop Political Convention (Newark, NJ)

May 2004

  • H2O short series during Hip-Hop Appreciation Week (New York, NY)

April 2004

  • H2Ed teams up with the Queens Museum program Leadership through the Arts: Young Adults Arts Leadership Corp. (New York, NY)
  • H2Ed teams up with Eyebeam Museum’s Educational Division for curriculum development, to create the first series of lesson plans that teaches blogging by using hip-hop tools

March 2004

  • H2Ed teams up with University Settlement to create the first curriculum made for their Hip-Hop Leadership ACTION TEEN Camp (New York, NY)
  • H2A teams up with the Bronx Museum for a long-term partnership to host the H2O Festival) and H2Ed Summit (New York, NY)
  • Mona Ibrahim becomes the Director of the Community Building and Program Development

February 2004

  • H2Ed sponsors Union Settlement’s Hip-Hop Conference for youth (New York, NY)

January 2004

  • Martha Diaz, Tricia Wang, Rolando Brown and Hon. George Martinez officially launch Defuse News

December 2003

  • H2O co-founders Martha Diaz and Tania Cuevas-Martinez sit on the Advisory Board of the Black Soil Film Festival, first International Hip-Hop Film Festival in Europe (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Hip-Hop Association (H2A) is formed to serve as the umbrella organization for the H2O Festival and H2Ed Summit. The mission of the H2A is to facilitate social justice, education reform, cross-cultural understanding, economic sustainability, and civic engagement through advocacy, policy, and community building initiatives

November 2003

  • Second Annual H2O (Hip-Hop Odyssey) International Film Festival (New York)
  • Supporting sponsor for the launch of the Hutus Hip-Hop Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Hip-Hop Education Summit (H2Ed): Connect! at The Door, the oldest youth center in New York City. The Summit is the first ever gathering with over 500 educators committed to hip-hop pedagogy  (New York, NY)

September 2003

  • Programs a global Hip-Hop film series during the Hip-Hop and Social Change Conference at the Field Museum (Chicago, IL)
  • H2O teams up with L.A. International Short Film Fest to bring viewers a 90-minute program of hip-hop shorts at the Arclight Cinema in (Los Angeles, California)

August 2003

  • Co-Presenter of the first ever hip-hop film series during the 9th Edition of the National Cuban Hip-Hop Festival (Havana, Cuba)

July 2003

  • H2O co-presents a hip-hop film series during the Rock Steady Anniversary celebration (New York, NY)

January 2003

  • Martha Diaz teams up with Patricia Wang of MNN Youth Channel to launch the Hip-Hop Education (H2Ed) Summit and the H2O Festival Freshest Youth Category 

January – November 2002

  • Martha Diaz organizes a dozen artists, activists, executives, and educators, including Gabriel Tolliver, Tania Cuevas, Rachel Goldstein, Alyce Emory, Ariel Palitz, and Fab 5 Freddy, and launches the First Annual Hip-Hop Odyssey (H2O) International Film Festival (New York, NY)


Thanks to all the people who have helped the Hip-Hop Association over the years. Cheers and much blessings to you!

1st Annual Hip-Hop Film Festival (2002)

Festival Staff

Gabriel Tolliver – Executive Producer
Tania Cuevas-Martinez – Director of Programming
Richard Campbell – Director of Business Development/Sponsorship
Gina Paige – Director of Marketing
Jez Blak – Talent
Fiona Bloom – Promotions
Nicole Curtis – Public Relations
Denisse Grados – Public Relations
Jason Lampkin – Documentary Director
Amaris Mesa – Volunteers/Interns
Taneshia Nash Laird – Documentary Producer
Ariel Palitz – Production Coordinator
Michelle Papillon – Exhibit Curator
Joanes Prosper – Assistant Production Coordinator
Peter Kang – Performance Coordinator
Tariq Zaid – Website Design/Management
Santena King – Talent


Andrew Stengel – VP Miramax Films
Bobbito – Writer
Bonz Malone – Actor/Writer
Crazy Legs – President, Rock Steady Crew
Cynical – Producer/Director
Danny Castro – Lyricist Lounge
DXT – Pioneer DJ/Producer
Ernie Panicolli – Hip-Hop Photographer
Harry Allen – Journalist/Writer
Kevin Powell – Writer/Activist , Hip-Hop Speaks
Kim Ford – VIBE Magazine
Lee Harris – Producer, Rap City/BET
Mecca – Programming Coordinator, Music Choice
Mark Kotlinski – Producer, 88 Hip-Hop
Marnie Hazelton – Bring in the Noise
Raphael Jimenez – President, Republica Trading Co.
Rokafella – Rock Steady B-Girl/Choregrapher
Sonia Gonzalez – Editor At Large
Stacy Gueraseva – Writer/Editor/President, West 19th Prod., Inc
Winsome Sinclair – Casting Director

2nd Annual Hip-Hop Film Festival (2003)

Festival Staff

Ariel Palitz – Executive Producer
Gabriel Tolliver – Executive Producer
Tania Cuevas-Martinez – Director of Programming
Patricia Wang – Director of Youth Programming
Melinda Theodore – Acquisitions Coordinator
Andre Lee – Panels Coordinator
Rachel A. Hunt – US Festival Coordinator
Mike Alvarez – Marketing Director / Design Team (Uniquest Designs)
Tariq Zaid – Marketing Director / Design Team (Uniquest Designs)
Vanessa Wakeman – Publicity (Indulgence NYC)
Richard Campbell – Sponsorship Coordinator
Rebecca Costanzo – Director of Partnership Development
Amaris Mesa – Volunteer Coordinator
Santena Jenaris King – Archive coordinator / Documentarian
Wanqui Muigai – Intern


Jamal Joseph Founder, Impact, Filmmaker
Dj Kuttin Kandi
Gareth West and Robert Arentz – Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
Alex Aquino – Founder Itf/International DJ Academy
Mark Johnson – Producer/Color TV
Mellicent Dyane – Casting Director
Mishka Brown and Bill Mack – Aerolith/Diaspora Studios
Elizabeth Mendez Berry – Hip Hop Journalist
Raqiyah Mays – Hip-Hop Vj (Power 105)
Barry Cole – Composer
Lisa Cortes – Filmmaker/Music Producer
Rich “Balewa” Mason – SunToucher Productions
George Alexander – Screenwriter
Andre Royo – The Wire
Kwon – Legendary B-Boy
Jason Lampkin – 40 Acres and Mule
Dwayne W. Archbold – Editor
Stephen D. Barnes Esq. – Partner, Barnes Morris Klein Mark Yorn Barnes and Levine

ODYSSEY Award Ceremony Staff
Sarah Honda – Associate Producer
Rich “Balewa” Mason – Associate Producer
Winsome Sinclair – Associate Producer
Peter Kang – Stage Manager
Silq and Big Jeff – Talent Assistants
De La Sweeney – Production Assistant
Richard Harrington – Production Assistant

3rd Annual Hip-Hop Film Festival (2004)

Festival Staff
Mariko Gwynne – Assistant to Executive Director
Ashara Ekundayo – Festival Director
Amaris Mesa – Director of Operations
Tricia Wang – Director of H2Ed [Hip-Hop Education]
Melinda Theodore – Director of Acquisitions
Evelyn Jean-Delere – Sponsorship Coordinator
Black Robb – Promotions Coordinator
Taija Kato – Production Assistant
Neruda Williams – Production Assistant
Meg Griff – Intern
Terrence Jennings – H2O Photographer

ODYSSEY Award Ceremony Staff
Stephen Jackson – Executive Producer
David Dodson – Associate Producer
Richard Cores – Stage Manager
Anthony Nelson – Director of Photography
Jason Ferdinand – Audio Technician
Marni Hazelton – Talent Director
Keisha Alexis – Talent Coordinator
Eternal – Segment Producer
JoAnn Onofre – Production Assistant

4th Annual Hip-Hop Film Festival (2005)

Festival Staff
Raquel Wilson – Director of Marketing
Giana Chachere – H2O Film Festival Director
Dondrie Burnham – Acquisitions Coordinator
Maximiliano Benitez – Director of The Freshest Youth Program
Safahri Ra – Production Coordinator, The Freshest Youth Program
Amaris Mesa – Director of Defuse Media Lab
muMs – Producer, ODYSSEY Awards
Toni Dubois – Talent Coordinator
Keisha Alexis – Talent Coordinator
Tracey Salisbury – Director of Education
Mama Nabii – H2Ed Summit Coordinator
Kanene Holder – Outreach Assistant
Clara Martinez – Travel Coordinator
Evelyn Jean-Deler – Sponsorship Associate
Big John – In-kind Sponsorship Coordinator
Venus Soto – Production Assistant
Sheena Pachon – Marketing Assistant
Edwin White II – Marketing and Production Intern
Tonic Media – Organization Publicist
Susan Blond – Event Publicist

5th Annual Hip-Hop Film Festival (2007)

Festival Staff

Rolando Brown – Executive Director (Interim)
Mona Ibrahim – Director of Community Building and Program Development
LaJohn McFadden – Community Building Coordinator
Stacey L’air Lee – Director of Media
Dondrie Burnham – Director of Film Acquisitions and Programming
Kompalya Thunderbird – Film Acquisitions and Programming Coordinator
Sherlly Pierre – In-kind Sponsorship Coordinator
Melanie Grace Lawrence – Volunteer Coordinator
Marcella Runell – Director of Education
Andrew Landers – Education Committee Leader
Sarah M. Glinski – Education Committee Leader
Lauren Moore – Online Content Manager
Sixto Acosta – Online Developer
Ovington Prophete – Marketing Team/Candy Store Marketing Group
Valarie Pratt – Marketing Team/Ol’ Soul
Omar Ellis – Marketing Team/Burden
Andreas Jackson – Director of Special Projects and Fundraisers/Media Clectic
Barbara De Laleu – Producer/Talent for Defuse News
Andrew Wilson – Media Preservation Coordinator
Wanda Rodriguez – Production Coordinator
Natalia Linares – H2Agency Manager


2008-2009 Cohort

Maurice Ashley International Chess Grand Master, Author
Dr. Daniel Banks Faculty and Director Hip Hop Theatre Initiative, Department of Drama, New York University
Cindy Campbell Hip-Hop Pioneer – First Lady of Hip-Hop
Arana Hankin Arts and Culture spokesperson for Gov. Paterson of NY
Alliah Humber Librarian, Howard University
Mahmut Mavruk H and M Gallery
Liz Posey Anchorage Urban League Young Professionals

2007-2008 Cohort

Alliah Humber Librarian, Howard University
Arana Hankin Lt. Governor Paterson’s Office
Connie Wohn World Up!
Dr. Will Smith Professor of Music, American University, Author
Harry Allen Hip-Hop Activist and Media Assassin
Kamilah Brock Knowledge is Rich
Mazi Mutafa- Words, Beats, Life Inc.
Shamako Noble – Hip-Hop Congress

2005-2006 Cohort

Ariel Palitz Founding Advisory Board Member, President, Soulutions Enterprises
Bakari Kitwana Educator and Author, The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture
Dr. Christopher Malone- Professor, Pace University
Davey D- Journalist and Historian
Jason Lampkin- Filmmaker, Lost Generation Films
Jeff Chang Historian and Author, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-hop Generation
Leba Haber- Filmmaker, DV Republic Artist in Residence
Marinieves Alba Director, International Hip-Hop Exchange
Roxanne Shante Hip- Hop Pioneer
Shari Frilot Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Toni Blackman Educator, MC, Poet, and U.S. State Department Ambassador of Hip-Hop

2004-2005 Cohort

Alyce Emory Founding H2O Advisory Board Member
Ariel Palitz Founding H2O Staff Member, Soulutions Enterprises
Asheba Edghill Media Coordinator, HBO
Brett Wright President, Nu America Agency
Clyde Valentin Director, Hip-Hop Theater Festival
Dexter Wimberly CEO, August Bishop, LLC
Gary Mobley Senior Project Manager, Corning International
Irene Villasenor Manager of Youth Views, POV
Jason Lampkin Associate, Lost Generation Films
Jonathan Rheingold Executive Publisher, XXL, KING, RIDES + SCRATCH
Larry Miller President, Jordan Brand
Lumumba Mosquera Attorney, Miramax Films
muMs Poet/Actor
Panama Alba Activist/Community Leader
Shari Frilot Programmer, Sundance Film Festival

2003-2004 Cohort

Alyce Emory Founding Board Member, HBO
Brett Wright President, NuAmerica Agency
Clyde Valentin Director, Hip-Hop Theatre Festival
Dexter Wimberly CEO, August Bishop
Fab Five Freddy Pioneer, Writer/Director/Artist
Larry Miller President, Jordan Brand
Lumumba Mosquera Attorney, Miramax Films
Mark Kotlinski Co-Founder, 88 Hip-Hop
Rachel P. Goldstein Founding H2O Advisory Board Member, Goldstein Communications
Sasha Dees Founder, Black Soil Film Festival
Terrence Jennings Photographer, Urbaneye News Service

2002-2003 Cohort

Marinieves Alba Founder, Hip-hop LEADS
Mike Alvarez Founder, Uniquest Designs
Alyce Emory HBO
Fab Five Freddy Pioneer, Artist/Writer/Director
Eathon G. Hall, Jr. The Bronx Museum of the Arts
Gregory Gates Founder, Imagenation
Rachel Goldstein Goldstein Communications
Tina Imm Co-Founder, Complex Magazine
Moikgansti Kgama Founder, Imagenation
Iris Morales Activist/Producer/Director, Pa’Lante, Siempre Pa’Lante
Lucky Strike Universal Zulu Nation
Clyde Valentin Managing Director, Hip-hop Theater Festival
Tariq Zaid Founder, Uniquest Designs