Hip Hop Congress is a network of individuals and organizations that are driving the necessary transformation of the world by uplifting culture for the creative development of artists and young people through education, civic engagement, and equitable resource exchange.

  • Chapter Program — chapters engaging in a range of activity promoting Hip-Hop culture on their campus or in their community. Each chapter responds to the needs and the personalities of their local community. Many chapters produce Awareness Weeks: a week of different events focusing on hip hop culture.
  • Artist Program — designed to help Hip-Hop artists pool resources, sell music and take advantage of opportunities the music industry has to offer without losing or giving away the rights to their works in return.
  • Online Program — manages its website and fosters collaboration with like-minded websites. The website helps to connect chapters, artists, and any other person working for the Congress, comments upon the state of the world and encourages members to share their opinion.

Hip Hop Congress is raising money on GoFundMe to build an HHC social networking website.

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