This report explains the findings of a 2010-2011 national online census of Hip-Hop education courses and programs as they relate to the current developmental state of the Hip-Hop education field. The research was conducted by the Hip-Hop Education Center in collaboration with the Metropolitan Center at the Steinhardt School for Education, Culture, and Human Development, with a seed grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The census was designed to increase the understanding of the courses and programs that exist to support the professional and economic development of the field of Hip-Hop Education. A key objective is to identify those schools and organizations, or programs within organizations, that intentionally serve youth, especially in low-income, marginalized, and chronically violent communities. With this information, we can advise administrators, policymakers and funders about how to better target resources, improve outcomes, and scale and/or replicate best models and practices. This white paper also provides policy and programmatic recommendations for interventions that can be identified for immediate implementation. Our approach in delivering the first national scan on the use of Hip-Hop-based education courses and programs is to publish empirical evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, that builds awareness of the validity of Hip-Hop educational practices and combats the bias that Hip-Hop culture is a negative medium through which to engage youth in learning. The analysis and viewpoints conveyed herein are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of supporters.

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