The purpose of this report is to document and synthesize the process and outcomes of three Hip-Hop Education Think Tank convenings that occurred over a three-year period from (2010-2013). This longitudinal study was conducted by the Hip-Hop Education Center to increase the understanding of the challenges, needs, and potential of the field of hip-hop education. A key objective of the research is to identify best practices and models that can be adopted by the field. Our goal is to professionalize the field of hip-hop education by establishing a framework for teaching and learning standards. Our objective is to guide and advise teaching artists, educators, scholars, administrators, policymakers and funders on how to best use resources, improve outcomes, and scale and/or replicate best models and practices. This white paper provides recommendations for next steps and ideas on ways to create tools for the field. Our approach is to work with the community of stakeholders to build the field from within, at the grassroots level, while simultaneously engaging emerging and senior educators, policymakers and other interested parties as we in-form the education field at-large. The analysis and viewpoints conveyed herein are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of supporters and the entire field of hip-hop education.  Download Report

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