Think Tank

In 2011, the Hip-Hop Education Center launched a series of Think Tanks to gather Hip-Hop pioneers, scholars, practitioners, teaching arts, community leaders, administrators, business professionals, policymakers, and experts from the civic, government and business sectors to help shape and strengthen our mission and develop an agenda for the field. 

The Think Tank serves as a repository first of powerful questions and ideas that have and will be discussed, researched, analyzed, and answered by powerful people who are dedicated to the broader notion of education for liberation. Think Tank I was held at New York University in collaboration with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education; Think Tank II was hosted at Columbia University in collaboration with the Institute for Urban Minority Education; and Think Tank III took place at the Schomburg Center, NY Public Library. 

After three international Think Tanks, the Hip-Hop Education Center in collaboration with Teachers College Institute for Urban and Minority Education published a field report titled, Takes A Hip-Hop Nation: A Three-Year Study on Professional Development in the Hip-Hop Education Field. Think Tank IV took place at Stanford University in collaboration with the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. We recently joined forces with the High School for Recording Arts to present Think Tank V: Rush The School in St. Paul. Minnesota in the spring/summer of 2020.