Queen Kenya, known as the first female MC and associates with Afrika Bambaataa, inspired later MCs  like Queen Latifah, Queen Pen and Queen Mother Rage with the title “Queen” in her MC name.


High school girl Sharon Jackson becomes the MC pioneer Sha Rock and the first female member in a  rap crew – the newly founded Funky 4 + 1.


The first all-female-MC-and-DJ-crew, The Mercedes Ladies, is built up in the South Bronx consisting of 3 MCs and 3 DJs: MCs Zina-Zee, Eva-Def, Sherrie Sher and DJs Baby-D, La Spank and RD Smiley.


“Vicious Rap” by the sisters Paulette Tee and Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley is the first female rap to be  brought on wax. Produced by mother Ann and released by father Paul on Winley Records.


R&B singer Sylvia Robinson builds up the famous label Sugar Hill Records. The first release “Rappers Delight” of Sugarhill Gang is the first commercial rap hit.

Philly’s 17-year old Lady B  drops the first rap outside New York with “To The Beat Y’All” (T.E.C.).

The Sequence crew (Cheryl The Pearl, Blondie, Angie B.) is signed by Sylvia Robinson at a concert of  Sugarhill Gang. “Funk You Up” (Sugar Hill), the first release on wax by a female rap crew, follows the  same year.

The duo Xanadu & Sweet Lady releases the first female answer track “Rappers Delight” (Joe Gibbs  Music) as response to the original of the Sugarhill Gang.

Lady B-To The Beat Y’all (tec)

Sequence-Funk You Up (sugarhill)

Paulette & Tanya Winley-Rhyming And Rapping (winley)

Lady D-Lady D

Xanadu & Sweet Lady-Rappers Delight b/w Rockers Choice

Lady Pink Graffiti Artist.  Pionner in Nyc belongs to crew TPA & TC5.

Apparence in Wild Style in 1982


Queen Lisa Lee raps with Afrika Bambaataa’s Cosmic Force on “Zulu Nation Throwdown” (Paul Winley).

Blondie, the non-rap band, pays tribute to the Hip Hop culture with her rhymes on “Rapture”: “Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly/ DJ spinning I said ‚My My’/ Flash is fast, Flash is cool…” (Capitol).

Tanya Winley-Vicious Rap

Sequence-And You Know That 12″ (sugarhill)

Blondie-Rapture 12″


Irish Monica Lynch becomes president of Tom Silverman’s Tommy Boy Records and signs at first Afrika  Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”.

14-year old Daisy Castro a.k.a. Baby Love becomes part of the NYC B-Boy crew Rock Steady Crew.

Kate Schellenbach plays the drums for the newly founded hardcore rap band Beastie Boys and releases  two EP’s before she splits in 1984.

Sequence-Funky Sound 12″ (sugarhill)


New York’s singer Bee-Side raps the first French lyrics on wax on the B-side of Fab 5 Freddy’s “Change  The Beat” (Celluloid).

Graffiti witer Lady Pink and MC Lisa Lee are the first female Hip Hop artists to appear in a movie – in  Charlie Ahearn’s Hip Hop classic “Wild Style”.

London’s Kool Lady Blue becomes the manager of the Rock Steady Crew and books the early acts of  the famous New York clubs “Roxy” and “Negril”.

New York’s Missy Dee & the Mellow-Dee Crew release the disco rap classic “Missy Missy Dee” (Universal), which is rereleased in 2008.

British photographer Janette Beckman takes pictures of rap artists on the first rap tour “NYC Rap Tour” in London. Among them: Double Dutch Girls, Futura 200 Fab 5 Freddie, DST and Afrika Bambaataa.

Aural Exciters-Chinese Rap 12″ (topflight)

Tanya & Paulett Winley-I Believe In The Wheel Of Fortune 12″

Missy Dee & The Melody Crew-Missy Missy Dee


B-Girl Baby Love from the Rock Steady Crew raps on “Hey You” (Atlantic).

Dimples D, at the time girlfriend of Marley Marl, is rapping the party diss track “Sucker DJ (I Will

Survive)” (Partytime), the first success of the young producer.

Two Sisters-B Boys Beware 12″ (sugarscoop)

Gigolette-Games Females Play 12″ (fever)


Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant document NY’s early graffiti pieces in the graffiti Bible “Subway Art” (Thames & Hudson).

The all-female crew Us-Girls (Sha-Rock, Lisa Lee and Debbie Dee) performs “Us Girls Can Boogie Too”  in the film “Beat Street” directed by Stan Lathan. Wanda Dee, a young member of the Zulu Nation, also  appears as one of the early female DJs on the wheels of steel.

The most famous answer track in Hip Hop history ever comes from 14-year old Roxanne Shanté  “Roxanne’s Revenge” (Pop Art) as response to UTFO’s “Roxanne Roxanne” (Streetwave). Shanté becomes the best known female MC of the 80s with raps against sexism and misogyny. She starts  using “bitch” for a strong and independent woman.

Sparky D is the first Hip Hop artist to make a commercial – for Mountain Dew.

K-Love from Queens brings the first female human beatbox on wax – on Bad Boys 12 inch of the same  title (Starlite).

Real Roxanne-Real Roxanne 12″ (select)

Dimples D-Sucker DJs (party time)

US Girls (Sha Rock, Debbie D, Lisa Lee)-US Girls (Beat Street Soundtrack)

US Girls-New York City Breakers


Famous crew Salt-N-Pepa, discovered by Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor under the name of Super Nature,  releases “The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh)” (Pop Art), an answer track to Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show”.

Pebblee Poo brings with “A Fly Guy” (Profile) the flyness back into the Hip Hop discourse – also an  answer track to Boogie Boys’ “A Fly Girl”.

The MCs Sha Rock and Lisa Lee are rapping a freestyle classic in Dick Fontaine’s BBC documentary  “Beat This: A Hip Hop History”.

Fighting like Ali & Frazier, “Roxanne Shanté vs. Sparky Dee – Round 1” is the first MC-battle to be  released on wax (Spin).

Sweet Trio-Non Stop

Symbolic Three-No Show b/w We’re Treacherous 12″ (reality)

Supernature (aka Salt n Pepa)-Showstoppa (pop art)

Sparky D-Sparky’s Turn 12″ (nia)

Zee Lee-No More Roxanne 12″

Roxy-Roxanne’s Sister (party crew)

Betty Boo & Ms Thang-Bad Girls (starlite)

Sparky D vs Shante-Round One (spin)

Peeple Poo-A Fly Guy (profile)

Roxanne Shante-Bite This

Roxanne Shante-Queen of Rox

Roxanne Shante-Runaway

Sweet T & Iyoni J (?)-DMX Will Rock 12″ (Davy DMX)

Donald D-The Groove (featuring The Mercedes Ladies)


The single release “Push It” of Salt-N-Pepa’s debut “Hot, Cool & Vicious” (Next Plateau) is sold one  million times and fascinates not only the Hip Hop heads.

As the first MC to talk about weapons, Philly’s MC Ice Cream Tee is prominently featured on “Guys Ain’t  Nothing But Trouble” (Champion), the sequel to the hit “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” by DJ Jazzy Jeff  & The Fresh Prince.

Famous 16-year old DJ Jazzy Joyce teams up with MC Sweet Tee and drops the smashing hit single  “It’s My Beat” (Profile).

Miami Bass MC Anquette answers 2 Live Crew’s “Throw the D” with the biting “Throw the P” (Luke  Skyywalker).

E-Vette Money counters L.L.Cool J’s sexist track “Dear Yvette” with “E-Vette’s Revenge” (Slice).

Real Roxanne-Bang Zoom b/w Howie’s Teed Off (select)

Sweet & Jazzy Joyce-It’s My Beat 12″ (profile)

Salt N Pepa-Hot Cool Vicious LP (next plateau)

Glamour Girls-Oh Veronica (pop art) Evette Money-Sounds Of The Playboys (slice)

Evette Money-Get A Taste Of it b/w Long Live The Queen (slice)

Bronx Girls w/Chrissy C-Get Fresh Boy! (emergency)

Wanda D-Blue Eyes

Roxanne Shante-Def Fresh Crew


Salt-N-Pepa obtain double platinum as the first female rap crew for their second album “A Salt With A  Deadly Pepper” (Next Plateau).

“B-Girls Live and Kickin’” features Sparky D, L.A. Star and 5 Star Moets on the first female rap

compilation (B-Boy).

16-year old tomboy MC Lyte issues her debut 12 inch “I Cram To Understand U (Sam)” (First Priority) and starts hereby the longest career in rap history.

Antoinette starts a breathtaking battle on wax over several tracks with “I Got An Attitude” (Next Plateau) against the clueless MC Lyte.

The Cookie Crew gains recognition as the first UK female rap crew with their Hip Hop house track “Rok  Da House” (Rhythm King) with the Beatmasters.

Part of the famous Juice Crew All Stars are, besides Roxanne Shanté, the less known two female MCs  Glamorous and Debbie Dee (formerly Us Girls) recording on “Evolution” (Cold Chillin’).

Roxanne Shante-Payback b/w Freestyle Live 12″ (pop art)

Roxanne Shante-Have A Nice Day 12″ (cold chillin)

Finesse & Synquis-Bass Game 12″ (mca)

Sweet T-It’s Like That Y’all b/w I Got Da Feelin’ 12″ (profile)

Sweet T-Let The Jingle Bells Rock (Christmas Rap Compilation) (profile)

Antionette-I Got An Attitude 12″ (next plateau)

Salt N Pepa-Push It (rmx) & I Am Down (The House That Rap Built Compilation) (next plateau)

Salt N Pepa-Tramp b/w Push It (next plateau)

Salt N Pepa-Shake Your Thang b/w Spinderealla’s Not A Fella

Big Girl Rokafella first dance show. She started the breakdance in 1994


UK’s Wee Papa Girl Rappers succeed their reggae-dancehall hit “Wee Rule” (Jive) also in the US.  Most silly pop rap “Cars With The Boom” (Atlantic) comes from South Florida’s duo L’Trimm glorifying  the sub-woofer culture. The single release “Grab It” is also a diss on Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”.

Finesse & Synquis are among the first to bring fashion into the rap game wearing MCM and Gucci suits  on stage, also on their debut album “Soul Sister” (MCA).

New Jersey’s Queen Latifah obtains a deal with Monica Lynch from Tommy Boy Records and is giving  the Hip Hop heads a new dose of sister power with her majestic debut “All Hail The Queen” (Tommy  Boy) one year later.

Compton’s crew J.J.Fad gets platinum for their debut album “Supersonic” (Ruthless), produced by  young Dr. Dre and Eazy E.

The Latin MC The Real Roxanne breaks the stereotype image of a female MC with her Egyptian style  on her debut album.

The a-capella rap crew The Yeastie Girlz are rapping “vaginacore” lyrics with instructions for sexual  satisfaction on their first seven inch “Ovary Action” (Lookout).

Icey J drops with “It Takes A Real Man” (BCM) a hard diss to Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two”.

Lauryn Hill team up with Pras Michel & Wyclef Jean to create The Tranzlator Crew.

Monie Love started her Mc carreer in the crew Jus Bad Crew, first single « Free style / Proud » with the independant label Tuff Groove.

Le Shawn us rapper, started with Dj Short Cut with the tracks Wild Thang.

Vanilla C-Enough Bass b/w Him Nor You 12″ (city fresh)

Yvette Money-I’m Gonna Get Mine b/w The Other Side Of Me (4th & Broadway)

Finesse & Synquis-Soul Sisters b/w Soft But Deadly (mca)

Finesse & Synquis-Soul Sisters LP (mca)

B Girls Live & Kicking Compilation w/L.A. Star, Sparky D, 5 Star Moet, Baby Doll LP (b boy)

Ice T (of Divine Force)-Aint It Funky (jamakka)

MC Lyte-Lyte As A Rock (w/rmxs) b/w Shut The Eef Up… 12″ (first priority)

Queen Latifiah-Wrath Of Maddness b/w Princess Of The Posse 12″ (tommy boy)

J.J. Fad-Supersonic 12″ (ruthless)

J.J. Fad-Way Out b/w Comin Correct 12″ (ruthless)

J.J. Fad-Is It Love? b/w Ya Goin’ Down & My Dope Intro 12″ (ruthless)

J.J. Fad-Supersonic LP (ruthless)

The Real Roxanne LP (select)

Michie Mee-On This Mic b/w Victory Is Calling (w/MC Lyte) 12″ (atlantic)

Salt N Pepa-Spinderellas Not A Fella b/w Shake Your Thing 12″ (next plateau)

Salt N Pepa-Get Up b/w Twist and Shout 12″ (next plateau)

Salt N Pepa-A Salt With A Deadly Pepa LP (next plateau)

Sparky D-This Is Sparky D’s World LP (b boy)

Antionette-Who’s The Boss? (w/DJ Pooh Rmx) b/w Hit Me With Your Best Shot 12″ (next plateau)

Antionette-Hit ‘Em With This b/w Unfinished Business 12″ (next plateau)

Lisa Lee-I’m A Pioneer (Rap’s New Generation Compilation)

She Rockers-Give It A Rest (Hard As Hell Vol 2 Compilation)

Sugar and Spice-That’s Funky (Hollywood Live Compilation)

MC Lyte-Lyte As A Rock LP (atlantic)

MC Lyte-Paperthin 12″

Sweet T-It’s Tee Time LP (profile)

Queen Latifiah-Wrath Of My Maddness b/w Princess Of The Posse 12″ (tommy boy)


A new perspective on woman in rap comes from Queen Latifah and Monie Love on their feminist anthem “Ladies First” (Gee Street).

First white trash rap album “Power Of A Woman” (Ruthless) comes by the later Heavy Metal singer  Tairrie B, another Eazy E. protégé.

The dancer Sweet L.D. and Terrible T of MC Hammer are teaming up as the duo Oaktown’s 3.5.7. and  debut with “Wild & Loose” (Capitol).

Ms. Melodie, short-time woman of KRS-One and member of the Boogie Down Production Crew, performs like a Diva on her debut album of the same title (Jive).

London’s She Rockers (formerly with Betty Boo) develop with “Jam It Jam” and “Do Dat Dance” (Jive) a  new Hip-House style on wax.

The early Zulu Queen DJ Wanda Dee makes a real name for herself with the bouncy rap track “To The  Bone/The Goddess” (Tuff City). Later she will be the voice of the British techno-pop group The KLF.  Sista Dee Barnes becomes the host of the first TV rap show “Pump It Up” and hits as MC D-Zire of Body  & Soul “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat” (Delicious Vinyl) the same year.

MC Lyte-Eyes On This LP

Ice Cream Tee-Keep Hushin’ (Cold Chillin’ In The Studio Live LP)

Ice Cream Tee-Can’t Hold Back! LP (uni)

Antionette-Who’s The Boss? LP (next plateau)

MC Trouble-Can’t Get Enough & High Rollers Girl (What Does It All Mean Compilation)

Laurie And Angela-Get Off My Tip (The Union Compilation)

Silk Tymes Leather-Do Your Dance b/w I Like It Funky 12″ (a&m)

Ms. Melodie-Wake Up Wake Up! & Live On Stage 12″ (jive)

Cookie Crew-Born This Way LP (polygram)

Cookie Crew-Born This Way 12″ (w/rmxs including Prince Paul)

Queen Latifiah-Dance For Me b/w Insidie Out 12″

Queen Latifiah-All Hail The Queen LP


Isis, next to Queen Mother Rage member of the X-Clan and part of the Black Watch Movement, raps for  the strong black women on her debut “Rebel Soul” (Island).

South Bronx MC L.A.Star provides on her debut album “Poetess” (Profile) a woman’s perspective on a  gangsta life before that was a subject for other female MCs.

Member of The Native Tongues Posse and most known UK female MC Monie Love drops her debut  album “Down To Earth” (Cooltempo).

Antionette-Burnin’ At 20 Below LP (next plateau)

L.A. Star-Poetess LP (profile)

Shazzy-Attitude: A Hip Hop Rhapsody LP (elektra)

Tairrie B-The Power Of A Woman LP (mca)

Soula-Soul Sista (West Coast All Stars Compilation)

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice-We Came To Dance (West Coast All Stars Compilation)

Queen Mother Rage-Slippin Into Darkness 12″ (cardiac)

Nikki-Lettin’ Off Steam b/w Up The Ante… 12″ (def jam)

MC Trouble-Gotta Get A Grip 12″ (w/rmxs including DJ Pooh) (motown)

Yo Yo-Stompin To Tha 90s b/w Dope Femininity 12″ (atlantic)

Monie Love-Down To Earth LP (warner brothers)


The first band 2nd Nature was created with Crystal Jones, Tionne Watkins & Lisa Lopes, then renamed for TLC Tender Loving Care. Crystal Jones has been replaced by Rozonda Chilli Thomas.

Missy Elliot

In 1990 Missy Elliott, Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman and Radia Scott formed the group called Sista. The group is spotted in 1991 by Jodeci of the collective DeVante Swing. Then in collaboration with Tim Mosley alias Timbaland, she participates in the writing of Jodeci’s album. Through this experience, they are signing titles for Aaliyah, 702, Ginuwine, SWV or Gina Thompson.

First album: 1997: Supa Dupa Fly.


Nikki D, the first female MC signed by Def Jam Records, raps about abortion from a woman’s point of  view on “Daddy’s Little Girl” (Def Jam).

First lawsuit in the rapgame is initiated by the “Pump It Up” host Sista Dee Barnes accusing Dr. Dre in a $ 22.7 million case of having her assaulted at an L.A. party.

Yo-Yo founds the IBWC (Intelligent Black Woman’s Coalition) to support abused women. Also the debut  album “Make Way For The Motherlode” (Elektra) of Ice Cube’s protégé is full of feminist attitude.

The feminist rap duo Bytches With Problems (BWP) make fun of men with nervous ejaculations in “Two  Minute Brother” on their debut “The Bytches” (No Face).

The young MC Trouble, who released her debut album “Gotta Get A Grip” (Motown) one year before,  dies way too young, after an epileptic seizure at the age of 21.

French MC Saliha paves the way for later MCs in France with her debut “Unique” (Virgin).

Queen Mother Rage-Key Testimony 12″ (w/rmxs) (cardiac)

Sista Souljah-The Final Solution 12″ (epic)

Sonyalive-I’m Coming Into Conciousness (Cold Front Compilation)

New Black Nation-Soul Vibration (Cold Front Compilation)

Nikki D-18 & Loves to Go 12″ (def jam)

Nikki D-Daddy’s Little Girl LP (def jam)

Nikki D-Wasted 12″ (def jam)

Queen Latifiah-Nature Of A Sista LP

Aaliyah: Singer

At the age of 12, Aaliyah was signed by Blackground Records, later introduced to artist and producer R.Kelly, and became his mentor, author and producer before becoming her husband.

1st album: 1994 Age Is Not Nothing But A Number


Roxanne Shanté disses nearly every female MC on “Big Mama” (Livin’ Large) to copy her style, before  leaving the rapgame three years later.

The rap-activist Sister Souljah (also member of Public Enemy) is accused by Bill Clinton to call to kill  white people on her single release “Slavery’s Still In Effect” from her debut “360 Degrees Of Power”  (Epic).

“Sisters In The Name Of Rap” is the first female Hip Hop concert broadcasted live on TV. It was hosted  by legendary Sista Dee at the Ritz In NYC and 13 MCs had their appearance.

“Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” (Arista) by the young crew TLC about the female appetite of sexual satisfaction is  cencored by MTV and has to change the explicit lyrics about the man’s penis into something really non-  sexual.

Heather B is one of the first female MCs to appear as an actor in a reality TV-series by MTV, “The Real  World”.

Poetess-Simply Poetry LP (interscope)

Bahamadia-Funk Vibe (Funky Vibes EP)

Shante-Big Mama 12″ (livin large)

Shante-Straight Razor b/w Deadly Rhymes 12″ (livin large)

Heather B-I Get Wreck b/w Get A Job 12″

Eternal: R & B group

The group Eternal was formed in 1992 by manager Denis Ingoldshy of First Avenue Records, the group is composed of Easther & Vernie Bennett, Kéllé Bryan and Louise Nurding, she signed at Emi in 1993. Their first single “Stay” was released in 1993, single is a success it is classified N ° 4 in Great Britain and N ° 19 in the United States.

1st album: 1993: Always & Forever

Da Brat: MC

She began her career winning the first prize in a Rap battle organized by Yo! Mtv Raps, she won the opportunity to meet Kris Kross, who later introduced her to their producer Jermaine Dupri. The latter signs it in his So So Def label.

First album: 1994: Funkdafied

Martha Diaz Activist

She is dedicated herself to help and raise the Hip Hop community. She debuted alongside Ted Demme, producer and director of Yo! MTV Raps. Through her own production company, Akasha Entertainments, Martha creates her own social projects.

She used her experience of Hip Hop culture, media and education to create her association, (H2A) Hip Hop Association.


MC Lyte gets Gold for the single “Ruffneck” (First Priority) and is the first solo female rap artist to reach  this status.

The German MC Cora E. drops her first raps on “Könnt’ Ihr Mich Hör’n?” and “Nur Ein Teil Der Kultur”  (Buback).

Female O.G. (Original Gangsta) Bo$$ debuts on her first album “Born Gangstaz” (Def Jam) with baggy  trousers, black sunglases and oversized big guns.

Ladybug Mecca wins a Grammy with Digable Planets for their unique smoothy jazzy rapsound of the album’s lead single “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” for best rap performance by a duo or group.

The West Coast rap-duo The Conscious Daughters (TCD) rap about a gangsta thug life from a woman’s  point of view on their debut “Ear To The Street” (Scarface).

Oakland’s DJ Pam The Funkstress teams up with MC Raymond “Boots” Riley in the newly founded  group The Coup and drop their debut “Kill My Landlord” (Wild Pitch).

L.A. MC Nefertiti releases a debut asides all stereotypes: “L.I.F.E.: Living in Fear of Extinction”

(Mercury). “Trouble in Paradise” is dedicated to the memory of the too young deceased MC Trouble.

Simple E-Play My Funk 12″

Shazzy-Stone Walls b/w Ghettosburg Address 12″

N Tyce-Hush Hush Tip b/w Root Beer Float 12″ (wildpitch)

Mother Superior-Roc Bottom 12″

Concious Daughters-Somthing To Ride To b/w TCD In Da Front (scarface)

Queen Latifiah-Bring The Flavor, Leshaun-Gimmie…, Nikki D-Freak Out, & Bigga Sistas-Sounds Of Fatness

(Roll w/the Flava Compilation) (epic)

Queen Latifiah-Black Reign LP


Queen Latifah gets a Grammy for the best solo rap performance in her powerful “U.N.I.T.Y.” (Motown) –  telling females not to accept the word bitch.

The Hoes With Attitude (HWA) are performing in fur bikinis on their debut “Az Much Ass Azz You Want”  on Eazy E’s Ruthless Records and release the vulgar “Eat This” as response to NWA’s “Don’t Bite”.

Chicago’s tomboy MC Da Brat is the first female solo rapper to strike platinum for a rap album

“Funkdafied” (So So Def).

First gay female MC Sha-Key debuts with “A Head Nadda’s Journey To Adidi Skizm” (Imago).

With the help of producer Guru, Philly’s Underground Queen Bahamadia get signed by Chrysalis and  drops her first album “Kollage” with the energetic track “3 The Hard Way” featuring K-Swift and Mecca  Star.

After collaborations with several artists from Death Row Records, the Lady Of Rage releases the hit  single “Afro Puffs” (Death Row) as the first lady on that label.

Champ MC (later a member of Deadly Venoms) releases with “Ghetto Flava” (Atlantic) a dope portion of  G-Funk.

Queen Latifiah-Black Hand Side (motown)

Champ MC-Funk House, Cruzin’ (w/YO YO), Stressin Me, Catchin’ Wreck (LP Sampler) (east west)

Madam Star-Looking For A Dame (cold chillin)

Lauryn Hill-Some Seek Stardom (Featured On Blunted On Reality LP)

Sha Key-Soulsville b/w Children Of The Corn 12″ (imago)

Sha Key-A Headnaddas Journey LP (imago)

Nefertiti-L.I.F.E (Living In Fear of Extinction) LP

Lady Of Rage-Afro Puffs 12″

Faith Evans: singer

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs the sign as the first female artist for the label Bad boy Entertainment in 1994, immediately she participates in the albums of Mary J. Bliges “My Life” and Usher “Usher”. The same year she marries the rapper Notorious Big

First album: 1995 Faith


“No Disrespect”, the first autobiography by a female MC is published by rap-activist Sister Souljah who  highlights the struggles of young black women growing up in a complex world. Her novel “The Coldest  Winter Ever” follows 2000.

N.Y.’s all-female-MC-and-DJ-collective The Anamolies is born with DJ Kuttin’ Kandi, MC Helixx C.Armageddon, Pri The Honey Dark, Invincible and Big Tara.

16-year old MC Sté Strausz appears on the soundtrack of the French cult movie “La Haine” directed by Matthieu Kassovitz.

MC Sweet Tee, noted for her ‘86 hit “It’s My Beat”, releases her most successful track “What’s Up Star?” (Rush Associated Labels) under the name Suga.

Le Shaun a.k.a. Almond Joy, known for her ultra sexual voice, rereleases her lyrics from the 88’s track “Wild Thang” on LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It”.

It comes to trouble with LL Cool J who thwarts her appearance in the video because she is pregnant.

Lin Que, formerly Isis, drops the classic single hit “Let It Fall” (East West) featuring MC Lyte.

Ang 13-No Contest (Talent Fest Compilation)

Lin Que-Let It Fall b/w Perlay 12″

N Tyce-Sure Ya Right 12″

Verb-Rain (w/rmx) Demo Only

Bahamadia-Youknowhowwedo b/w True Honey Buns

Love n Pros-Nobody Knows My Name

Uneek, Precise, Lauryn Hill, Treep, & Bahamadia-Da Ladies In Da House

MC Lyte, Nefertiti, Queen Latifiah, Salt N Pepa, Yo Yo, etc…-Freedom (Theme From Panther)

99-Jhomba (Grand Royal-Mixed Drink Sampler CD)

Foxy Brown: MC

In 1995 she won a talent show in Brooklyn. Then  she was noticed by the production team Trackmasters, who worked on the album Mr. Smith of LL Cool J, who decided to make it rapper on the title I Shot Ya. The single became a hit and allowed Foxy Brown to work with Total, Toni Braxton and Case, as well as to join The Firm created by Nas.

Foxy Brown has collaborated on several platinum-rated singles: I Shot Ya, by LL Cool J, No One Else remix, Total, Jay-Z’s Is not No Nigga, You’re remix Makin ‘Me High by Toni Braxton, and Touch Me, Tease Me, by Case and Mary J. Blige. Following these successes, she signed at the Def Jam label at the beginning of 1996.

First Album: 1996: Ill Na Na


16-year old Foxy Brown gets a contract with Def Jam Records and releases “Il Na Na” with Jay-Z as her  mentor.

Lil’ Kim releases with the help of Notorious B.I.G. her debut “Hardcore” (Big Beat). Because of their  explicit lyrics and sexual attitude the two Queen Bees are one of the most discussed women in the rap  game.

Washington D.C.’s Rap Diva Nonchalant demands her brothers in “5 o’Clock” (MCA) to stop drug  dealing and gang banging.

Heather B, known from MTV’s reality TV show “The Real World and affiliated to the Boogie Down Productions releases her hardcore album “Takin’ Mine” (Pendulum) with the hit single “All Glocks  Down”, an anti-gun violence anthem.

Queen Latifah plays her most interesting role in the movie “Set It Off” directed by Gary Gray, where  she’s playing Cleopatra Sims, the butch dyke in the hood.

Bahamadia-Kollage LP

Heather B-If Headz Only Knew b/w No Doubt 12″

Bahamadia-Paperthin 12″

Mother Superior-Most Of All 12″

Jean Gray Mc

After a confidential start in the Natural Resource Group in 1996 under the name What? What ?, she begins to break through and adopts her current pseudonym, inspired by the character of the X-Men, Jean Gray.

First album: 2002: Attack of the Attacking Things


Missy Elliott starts the most successful rap career with her first album “Supa Dupa Fly” (Elektra) and revolutionizes Hip Hop with her fresh style.

First female german-turkish rap comes from Berlin’s MC Aziza A. “Es Ist Zeit” (Orient Exress/GGM).

Medusa, freestyle queen of L.A.’s underground drops her first EP “Do It The Way You Feel It”


Lady Of Rage-Necessary Roughness

Medusa-You Betta Be 12″

Diams (France)

After her debut in the group Posse, Diam’s joined the group  Instances Glauques de Bagneux, she meets Yannick, future member of the Mafia Trece. Diam’s contacted Génération radio by herself and launched a live freestyle on the show presented by Kemar (marc). Diam’s is known for his participation on the first album of the Mafia Trece Cosa Nostra in 1997 and an appearance on Phonograph with ATK [3].

First Album: 1999: Premier Mandat


Kuttin’ Kandi is the first female turntablist who arrives at the finals of the American DMC national DJ championships.

Lauryn Hill’s solo debut “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” (Ruffhouse) sells more than six million copies in the USA and wins five Grammys.

First rap about lesbian love comes from Queen Pen’s single release “Girlfriend” from the LP “My Melody” (Interscope) and is followed by controversial discussions.

The MCs Apani B Fly Emcee, Helixx C.Armageddon, Ayana Soyini, What? What?, Pri The Honey Dark,  Yejide The Night Queen, Herooine and Lyric are rockin N.Y.’s underground hit “Estragen” with the lyrics “…to me the word MC doesn’t know no fuckin’ genders”.

Apani w/Lyric, Helixx C. Armageddon, Ayana aka Essence, What What aka Jean Grae, Pri Da Honey Dark,

Yejide the Night Queen, Herione-Estragen 12″

T Love-Return OF The B Girl EP

T Love-I’m Coming 12″


Eve, first lady of Ruff Ryders debuts with “Let There Be … Eve – Ruff Ryder’s First Lady” and hits number one.  18-year old Lady Luck gets contracted by Def Jam Records after winning the Phone-In MC battle on  Hot97FM.

Angie Stone, formerly known as Angie B of the Sequence crew celebrates her comeback after 20 years  with her soul debut “Black Diamond” (Arista).

Hip Hop jeweler Béa Anjuna opens the first European shop for handmade old school “Name Plate  Rings” in Paris.

The autobiography “Ladies First: Revelations Of A Strong Woman” by Queen Latifah becomes a bestseller.

Ang 13-The Whole World Is Listening EP

Anomolies (Helixx C. Armageddon & Pri the Honey Dark)-Lunchbreak


Rah Digga, female member of the Flipmode Squad debuts her solo “Dirty Harriet” (Elektra).

Rachel Raimist features the MCs Medusa, T-Love and Leschea, DJ Symphony and B-Girl Asia in her  documentary film “Nobody Knows My Name”.

“Jewels”, the first annual meeting of 3000 Hip Hop ladies, takes place in Philadelphia to redefine the role  of the female Hip Hop artist.

Apani-Spot Me b/w A Million Eyes 12″

Medusa-Fiend Or The Fix (Nobody-Soulmates LP)


Oakland’s MC and singer Mystic releases her debut “Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom”

(Goodvibe) and combines soulful harmonizing and introspective lyricism with a mixture of rap, singing and spoken word.

Mystic-The Life (good vibe)

Mystic-Cuts For Luck and Scars For Freedom LP

T Love-QMS b/w Witch Bitch


German MC Pyranja drops her first solo longplayer “Wurzeln und Flügeln” on Dackel Enterprise.

N.Y.’s  MC Jean Grae, formerly known as What?What?, celebrates her debut album “Attack Of The  Attacking Things” (Third Earth Music).

Wu-Tang affiliated all-female crew Deadly Venoms, originally consisting of N-Tyse, J-Boo, Champ MC,  Finesse (formerly of Finesse & Synquis) and Lin Que (formerly Isis), releases their third album “Still  Standing” (Rocks The World) after two unreleased ones.

T-Love releases the long-awaited debut “Long Way Back” (Astralwerks/Virgin), an ambitious Hip Hop  album with soul-jazzy flows.

Martha Diaz and a dozen filmmakers, activists, educators, and industry professionals launch the H2O  (Hip-Hop Odyssey) International Film Festival in New York City.

Jean Grae-Thank Ya 12″

Jean Grae-Love Song b/w What Would I Do? 12″

Jean Grae-Attack Of The Attacking Things LP

Wildflower-Good Girl Gone Bad (Herbaliser-Something Wicked This Way Comes LP)

Stahhr-Rhyme Fluid, Wizdom, Beautiful Xperience, G.R.I.T.S 12″

Feline Science (feat Medusa)-Undaground Crewed

Psalm One-Bio Chemistry LP


MC Lyte drops her 8th album “MC Lyte Is Lytro. Da Underground Heat Vol.1” (Cortex) after less than 4  days of production.

The single release “DJ” (Hostile) of French MC Diam’s has an impact in France like never seen before.

Missy Elliott’s protegé Ms. Jade drops her gangsta and very cocky rap debut “Girl Interrupted”

(Interscope) and appears in her mistress’ “Funky Fresh Dressed”.

Polyrhythm Addicts’ MC Apani B Fly Emcee releases her first album “Story To Tell” only in Japan. Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, Bahamadia and Angie Stone pay tribute to the early days of the Sequence  Crew in “Love Of My Life Worldwide” on Badu’s album “Worldwide Underground” (Motown).

Miss M.C. presents the documentation “Queens Of Hip Hop” featuring Roxanne Shanté, Salt-N-Pepa,  Finesse, Rah Digga, Charlie Baltimore, Anomolies, Deadly Venoms, Lady Luck, and others.

T Love-Who Smoked Sunshine? b/w Chiquita

T Love-Long Way Back LP

Lady Sovereign: MC

Launched in 2003, ‘The Battle’ propels the girl to the fore as the Internet increases its popularity. After the release of the single ‘Hoodie’, she offers the EP ‘Vertically Challenged’ then she meets Jay-Z who asks him to improvise a rap before signing it at Def Jam.

First album: 2006: Public Warning


Martha Cooper’s early days of Hip Hop documentation (1979-1984) is collected in the book “Hip Hop  Files” (MZEE).

UK Grime MCs such as Shystie, Lady Sovereign, Lady Fury, No Lay etc. are up and coming.

Missy Elliott follows in Run DMC’s footsteps by creating the Adidas fashion line “Respect M(issy)  E(lliott)” and supports the non-profit organisation “Break the Cycle” against domestic violence.


Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets celebrates her comeback with her solo debut “Trip The Light Fantastic” (Nu Paradigm).

Lady Sovereign signs as the first non-American MC a contract with Def Jam Records and releases  “Public Warning”.

First female Hip Hop festival “B-Girl Be: A Celebration Of Women In Hip Hop” is taking place once a  year in Minneapolis and presents females from around the world.

“We B*Girlz” by Nika Kramer and Martha Cooper presents the international B-Girl scene (A Miss Rosen  Edition).

First issue of female Hip Hop magazine “Anattitude” is released.

All-female-graff E-Zine “Catfight” by dutch F.Lady drops four issues per year.

The documentary film “On S’Accroche A Nos Rêves” by Keira Maameri features the French ladies MC Princess Anies, DJ Pom, graffiti writer Lady Alezia and dancer Magali.

Desdamona-The Ledge LP

Psalm One-Get In The Van Vol. 1 (Mix CD)

First Issue of french Female Hip Hop Magazine « Lady Caprice » is released.


Bahamadia’s expected third album “Good Rap Music” (Jam Music) is out after a 6 year break.

Georgia Anne Muldrow is the first lady signed by famous Stones Throw Records with “Olesi: Fragments  of an Earth” a mixture of Soul, Free-Jazz and Hip Hop.

Casey, the French hardcore MC drops with “Tragédie D’une Trajectoire” (Dooeen Damage) a debut  album full of androgynous attitude and political awareness.

Missy Elliott gets her 5th Grammy for the video “Lose Control”.


Photographer Janette Beckman publishes her legendary early Hip Hop photographs in “The Breaks –  Stylin’ and Profilin’ 1982-1990” (powerHouse Books).

“Hip Hop is my life, it’s just like a marriage…” raps Lin Que, a.k.a. Isis from X-Clan in her full-length  album comeback “Godspeed” (UniVerseWorks).

The Electro Band The Go! Team samples on “Grip Like A Vice” legendary freestyle rhymes of old school  MCs Lisa Lee and Sha-Rock from ‘84 BBC documentary “Beat This: A Hip-Hop History”. Sherrie Sher, the former MC of the Mercedes Ladies talks about the early days of the first all-female-  MC-and-DJ-crew ever in her novel “Mercedes Ladies” (Vibe Books).

First  french festival dedicated to the women in Hip Hop in Paris, « Tour d’Horizon »


VH-1 starts the American reality-TV series “Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme”, co-hosted by female rap  pioneer Yo-Yo to search the next great female MC.

Anomolies’ MC Invincible drops the long-awaited full length LP “Shape Shifters” on her own label Emergence and is active to promote a progressive social change.

Martha Cooper drops another graffiti Bible “Tag Town” (Dokument Förlag) with photos of the early days of tags. 2008 is declared “Year Of The Hip Hop Women” by the Hip-Hop Association and is celebrated around  the world.

First European female Hip Hop festival “We B*Girlz” takes place in Berlin.

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