“Metaphysically you can expand your creativity in mentality to escape a tragic reality.” – Leryko

Art is ancient even early humans used art as an explanation of life to document what happened at the period of time of their existence. Manifestations of art is a great way to express creative ideas from within and contribute to this world. Art is very therapeutic to the mind, I say this from my own experience as a graffiti artist/tagger. At 9 years old I was so tuned into art that one day while I was riding around town with my grandpa I noticed beautiful colorful letters with a funky twist to them. The aesthetic essence of the letters was so alluring I asked my grandpa “what type of art is that?” and he simply told me, “that’s graffiti”. Ever since that day, I watched videos about graffiti to perfect my craft.

Graffiti was born in the Bronx in the late 70s and it was also happening in Philadelphia by Darryl ‘Cornbread’ McCray, who was considered a 12-year old troublemaker. He was the first to do it in 1965.  Graffiti is ancient. For example, Egyptians, who created one of the earliest civilizations, used graffiti in their art and messages on stones. This particular form of graffiti art is called Hieroglyphics, which is dated around 3500 B.C.

There are many forms of art such as dancing, drawing, producing beats, etc… Personally, I use art as a gateway to escape from real life traumatic experiences that dwell in my past and it is also a great way for me to cope with these tragic events.

Written by HSRA LA Student Joshua Turner


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