Fresh, Bold, and So Def (FBSD) began as a Hip Hop feminist intervention project for women of all ages to empower, cultivate, and inspire. FBSD builds upon the foundation laid by the Womanhood Learning Project launched in 2007 at New York University by the Hip Hop Association and a collective of women who joined forces to tell the story of Hip Hop as they know it.

FBSD includes a book series, research project, workshops, oral history project, and the development of an archive to be housed at the Universal Hip Hop Museum. The goal of the initiative is to not only document women’s contributions and achievements but also build a canon with memorabilia and artifacts including leaflets, photographs, art, poetry, and music. The FBSD Collection will be enhanced with educational tools such as a multimedia timeline and curriculum. 

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Enter the Archives


Are you a woman in Hip-Hop? The Hip-Hop Education Center wants to know about your career and work experience in Hip-Hop culture. We want to hear about your struggles and the milestones you have achieved as you climbed up the Hip-Hop cultural ladder. Our goal is to tell all sides of the story with a survey analysis of the field. We want to learn what issues affect women in Hip-Hop so that we can do something about it. Take the survey to contribute. We will release a short report that will reflect our findings at the end of the year.

For Immediate Release

(March 1st, 2021, Bronx, NY) – The Universal Hip Hop Museum is passing the mic to the women repping the culture with a powerful new campaign. The Fresh, Bold, and So Def Women’s Initiative, led by the Hip Hop Education Center as the museum announces the kick-off of the plan as part of year-round programming leading up to the 15th anniversary of the Year of the Hip Hop Woman.

FBSD will highlight women who are not just rooted in the original elements (graffiti, DJing, breaking, and MCing) but also contribute as curators, pushers, and game-changers of the cultures which include but not limited to Hip Hop critics and journalists, industry professionals, educators, activists, scholars, and entrepreneurs. By promoting women who build schools, produce their own music tracks, build their own companies, or run for political office, will assist in balancing the culture and offer another perspective of women in Hip Hop that is empowering and uplifting.

Women’s History Month Program

Each week in March, the FBSD initiative will live-stream panel discussion, weekly playlists curated by EMMA LEE, and a trivial social media campaign. Partners of the FBSD Initiative include the Ladies of Hip Hop, theKeepers Project, We Found Hip Hop, Berklee College of Music, Gender Amplified, and Rock The Bells. Here are some of the discussion topics and participants. 

Women’s History Month Fresh, Bold and So Def Playlists